Real timemonitoring
Predicting the probable issues
Improving business everyday

Made in a collaboration between technology experts and service industry experts, this platform is designed to collect real-time feedback, with live monitoring in backend and suggest immediate action on required cases. Taking approximately 6 secs of your guest’s time, Intelligence is sure to elevate the customer experience of your business in the service industry.

Identify the complex patterns of issues which cannot be manually identified easily in a multi factored dependant environment like:
  • Manpower
  • Traffic
  • Sale Amount
  • Number of Pax

plan and pricing
  • Demo
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
Price as per customization needs for respective business requirements
Additional features included*
  • User training included
  • Support ticket system
  • one year free data storage

Ratings and Reviews
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Review Policy and info
  • Tejpal Singh
    Owner, Royal Taj, Singapore
    Using Eagle has been a revelation for us. We learned things about our customers that we never even knew before. Its real time interface helped us make rapid decisions to nip issues in the bud. We can’t recommend it enough.
  • Maven Poon
    Owner, Thunder Bird Bistro, Singapore
    Customer reviews were a nightmare for us. We used to spend our entire day just wondering when we were going to get a one star or stinker. No matter what you said, it was always your word against theirs. And that left us feeling very insecure. What were we doing wrong? With Eagle, we now know exactly what the issues are and how we can redress them before they blow up.
  • Khader Basha
    Owner, British Indian Curry Hut, Singapore
    We love our customers and nothing gives us more pleasure than to serve them better. And sometimes when they are upset, we’d really like to know why? Eagle give us that deep insight into the customer’s mind. We now know what’s really going on inside and can quickly respond to issues helping us become more customer friendly and giving them the best of service at all times.
  • Adrian Tan
    Owner, Hanamco, Singapore
    The current feedback system is a mess, plagued by delays and dependencies that more often leave business owners on the wrong end of the service stick. When we started using Eagle, we were at first sceptical about its results. Now after using it, I would say that this is the system that we have been yearning for all our lives. We now don’t have to be at the mercy of larger portals that don’t give us a remedial solution. With Eagle we have our eye on the button and are in complete charge of our customer engagement.

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    Hosted on Amazon cloud
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    Chrome 6.0 and above, Safari 4.0 & above,
    MS Explorer 8.0 & above

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