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Businesses are consistently pushed to transform and adapt at unprecedented speed in order to survive. The same notion applies to the F&B industry as well, where food delivery is going to be the future, replacing the current brick and mortar restaurants.

This is why Intelligence has come up with the Food Plane, a digital food delivery truck that is not limited to any particular location. Food Plane looks to revolutionize the current food delivery models by decreasing overheads and increasing revenues while maintaining optimum hygiene levels.

The Challenges

Post pandemic, many F&B restaurants have adopted a new business model of relying on their online presence and delivery partners to keep their day-to-day operations going. This change can be chalked up to these issues they must have while running their business in the current era:

  • Location disadvantages

  • Costly and labour-intensive food-delivery models

  • Delivered food is not fresh or does not appear appealing

  • High platform fees charged by delivery partners

A Mobile Solution- Food Plane

Instead of trying to better the current situation, Intelligence was spurred on by the idea that location should not limit the businesses of food establishment, hence, leading to the creation of Food Plane. Under this concept, food will be prepared in a central kitchen or individual restaurants and then packed into a small roaming truck. Customers can make their orders online and then collect them when the truck is within their neighbourhood collection zone.

Product Journey
  • Food is prepared in a central kitchen or individual restaurants and packed into specially designed food trucks
  • Food trucks will move to different locations & deliver orders
  • Customers can submit their orders through an app
  • Order is accepted only if the truck is in range of a pre-specified distance
  • The order is prepared in the truck while it is moving towards the delivery location
  • Guests are notified via the app when the truck reaches the designated collection zone from where customers can collect the order
  • Customers can add new items on the spot that can be prepared within 5 mins.
  • No cooking is done inside the truck, only stored and served.
  • Central kitchen/ restaurants get automated system notification as soon as the product inventory inside the van reaches a threshold. Accordingly, kitchen preparation will be handled.
  • In addition to ready-to-eat meals, customers can also order pre-packed and frozen meal kits from the app. They are only required to do some simple preparation in their homes.

Value Addition of Food Plane
  • Value to Customers

    - Fresh and piping hot meals within minutes
    - A wide range of options like chilled items, drinks by the glass, frozen food, etc. made it possible for the delivery
    - Adding new items on the spot
    - Pre-packed and frozen meal kits given to enjoy the cooking experience without any hassles
  • Value to Business Owner

    - Reducing cost and manpower of making multiple to and fro delivery trips per orde
    - Reduce delivery cost as multiple restaurants can share a delivery truck.
    - Reduce the overheads of the food-delivery model
    - Better cash flow because of immediate payment from the customer
    - No shortage of riders during peak hours or rainy days as manpower will be consolidated into a truck
    - Reduce investment in setting up multiple brick & mortar stores; just requires 1 central kitchen or existing restaurant for food preparation
    - Eliminate the shortage of skilled manpower
    - Gain wider exposure with new customers beyond the immediate area
    - Meal kits in addition to ready-to-eat meals can become an additional source of revenue
  • Value to Delivery Riders

    - Contactless collection without riders having to travel to and fro locations for every food delivery
    - No need to touch lift buttons or doorbells at multiple locations as customers themselves receive the order
    - Safer and more comfortable working condition.
    - Reduce the chance of road accidents and shelter from hot and rainy weather conditions
    - Opportunity to get into self-employment with minimum investment

Proposed Business Models
With this new business concept - Food Plane,
As per the different level of businesses, we are offering the following possible business models that can be scaled progressively:

Business Model 1:

NJ runs the kitchen and manage the delivery application and manages the van. NJ will run the 360-degree execution of the delivery operations with their existing restaurants (currently 3 at Rochester, Changi and Raffles) to enhance the business sustainability.

Business Model 2:

NJ runs the kitchen and manages the delivery application while the business partner invests in food delivery van.

Business Model 2:

NJ runs the kitchen and manages the delivery application while the business partner invests in food delivery van.

Key Takeaways
  • Sustain existing restaurant units even during the current crisis

  • Build an innovative concept in F&B that can become part of dining:

    - Freshly cooked hot food at door-step
    - Low waiting time
    - Customers can order chilled and frozen items
    - No mismatch or missing of items in order
    - Timely delivery even during bad weather conditions

  • Creating survival options for impacted businesses during the current crisis by leveraging the existing business setup and retaining manpower

  • Create opportunities for self-employment with minimal investment

  • Franchise-able business model