The NJ Intelligence platform was started to facilitate idea-sharing and technology collaboration between stakeholders to build collective capabilities in cutting-edge areas. Whether to accelerate the go-to-market launching, leverage our technological & networking capabilities, we work to align the innovations as per business needs & prioritize the ones having immediate business impacts.

What is so Good about Startups and their Innovations:

Enterprises around the world are looking forward to working with startups to solve real business problems. The current competitive edge, less overhead costs, and a stronger innovation focus of startups are the major factors for adopting their solutions in real-time businesses of every size. They are consistently outperforming existing solution providers as their innovative solutions are giving the corporate organisations a competitive edge.

To protect their strategic position, corporations need to become aware of market shifts caused by new technology and innovation in their core or adjacent business fields. For businesses, internal innovation is often hampered by protecting the core cash flow, whereas a startup has more freedom to develop truly disruptive solutions. Hence, by collaborating or investing in such fields, corporates can witness incremental growth in revenues and margins.

The Challenge

Every innovative product needs a proper marketing plan, starting from the design to the launch at a global level. With technology changing very fast, time & speed have become as important as the quality of product and its business impact. If not exposed correctly and on time in the current competitive world, the product can become outdated quickly even if it is innovative, robust and solves a big problem for businesses. Plus, most startups have limited bandwidth in terms of marketing budgets for national and international exposure.

NJ Intelligence understands the need of speeding up your digital transformation journey while doing justice to our innovative product.

What we offer

In the current market scenario, where quick implementations of innovative solutions have become the need, we build collective capabilities between enterprises and entrepreneurs. Our ready-made platforms help speed the product launch journey by executing the innovations in a faster and low-risk manner and meet like-minded people trying to solve similar problems.

The enterprise journey consists of four key components:
  • Exploration
    How to find the correct innovators for your business?
  • Collaborative models
    How Industries can work with startups in real business problems?
  • Measurement
    How to measure success and accordingly prioritize the areas of innovation?
  • Success story
    How businesses have practically adopted innovation to reduce non-essential costs and overheads?
working models with startups
  • Vendor Oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Acquiring
  • Partnership and Equity Investment

We have developed various models of collaborative marketing that already been proven with several businesses and are dedicated to creating more success stories.

If your product
  • Is Creative
  • Requires Fast execution
  • Requires Low investment

Join us to learn the experiences from the best minds of the industry and watch your startup grow.

Why you should engage with !ntelligence
  • Kickstart product exposure to a global market
  • Become aware of the latest innovations in your specific industry
  • Leverage our national footprint across Singapore
  • Engage in discussions on Government policy matters
  • Connect with local/ global opportunities with our network
  • Extend the platform for thought leadership
  • Brand visibility across multiple platforms
  • Multiple engagement options to start small and grow big
By leveraging the adoption of advanced technologies based solutions among enterprises, NJ Intelligence aims to foster the innovation ecosystem at a global level.