platform for intelligence & technology

A platform for intelligence & technology collaboration between stakeholders to network and build collective capabilities in cutting-edge digital areas, Intelligence has been spearheading the acceleration of a product from development to go-to-market launching in the shortest time possible. With the correct design thinking process, we align the innovations as per the business roadmap & prioritize the ones that can have an immediate impact.
About Us
Our Core Values

Just as our parent organization, Intelligence works on every project with creativity, confidence and sincerity. Our focus on utilising the core values in our technological ursuits is what has set us apart from the competitors:

  • Creativity

    Leading with creativity to adapt & improve the guest experience.

  • Authenticity

    Being genuine & transparent in the way to relate with others.

  • Connectedness

    Creating meaningful interaction & connections with people.

  • Personality

    Showcase bold and innovative work while being genuine and humble in how we treat others.

Our Mission

Our mission can be summed up in two words – keep simplifying. We firmly believe the biggest hurdle to digital transformation has always been the lack of simplicity. But unless it’s easy for people to interact with technology, how will they adopt it? So, our focus is on simplifying the process with the help of UI-friendly tools - designed for speed and simplicity. NJ Group’s roots in technology go deep, which inspired us to bring humans closer to machines and create meaningful products that can help revolutionize how they can collaborate to keep simplifying life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a lasting impact on how humans tap into the power of technology. Each one of our businesses looks to bridge herculean gaps to simplify people’s lives with affordable and innovative solutions. We are also conscious of the need to avoid the overuse or underuse of technology. In today’s hyper-connected world, we aim to strike the perfect balance and deliver harmonious digital mandates to thrive in competitive marketplaces. Finally, we help charter smart technology journeys by focusing on delivering great CX - clearing the path to long-term business disruption.

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With a team of nearly 60+ members spread across 7 different nationalities, the NJ Team comes to work together in a multiracial country and multicultural environment to provide solutions for our guests. Our team is empowered with more than 10 different professional skills, ensuring each one plays a significant role in making the right decisions.

Executive Team

Neelendra Jain

Founder & CEO

Neetu Jain

Chief Financial Officer

Joel Saldanha

Group Vice President



Chief Technology Officer