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    The first
    With innovation and serving guests in mind, COBIE was introduced to Cali Park Avenue Rochester
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  • The story from school
    From humble beginnings, our founder Neelendra Jain left his corporate career working at Multinational
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  • The journey from
    Any country’s growth and modernization is majorly driven by its skilled manpower.
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  • Revolutionalized
    With the vision of delivering an unique experience and not just food in variety of restaurants
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Don’t unlisten the success stories
Co-create solutions solving real-world challenges, leveraging the modern technologies and innovations

Platform for intelligence-sharing and technology collaboration between stakeholders to build collective capabilities in the cutting-edge areas. Driven by belief that every business is a human business, we follow a systematic co-design approach built on foundation of deep user research’, accelerating from product development to go-to-market launching with our technological and networking capabilities With the correct design thinking process, we can align the innovations as per our needs and prioritize the ones having immediate ROI impacts

Journey with NJ Intelligence

Reflecting the motto of KISS (Keep It Simple, Straight) in our way of working, NJ Intelligence has a pretty
straightforward journey to resolve your issue:

  • Problem Identification
    Problems are unique to their contexts, hence, we conduct research and talk with shareholders to identify the true and underlying cause of the issue
  • Feasibility
    Share insights about the impact of the outbreak,
    identify pockets of opportunities for businesses to stay ahead and organise training sessions on how to leverage digital platforms
  • Strategy
    A unique mix of client-side perspective and
    agency-side knowledge accumulated with a
    consulting approach that is both intuitive and strategic.
  • Execution
    Critical mindset change in
    companies whilst delivering
    solutions in the areas of
    organisational change management, service design,
    product development, business
    growth, and brand strategy.

Building collective capabilities
between enterprises and

As per the current industry scenario, implementing innovative solutions
quickly have become the market standard, resulting in the trend of
collaborative models. Enterprises now are looking to adopt ready-made
platforms that would speed-up their transformation journey. This is
where NJ Intelligence steps in. By building collective capabilities
between enterprises and entrepreneurs, we deliver solutions that
executing POCs in a faster and low-risk manner.

  • Design Thinking
  • Collaborative models
  • Internationalization
  • Business Growth

What Our Clients are Saying?

We understand that you want to know that you are making the right decision before buying the product. Here are some of the clients that made the right choice.

Our Recent Success Stories

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NJ Intelligence has always aimed to identify issues that bug the service industry and implement solutions that make life simpler
for our guests and our staff. Here are some other solutions brought forward by NJ Intelligence:

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