Executive Team

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all growing others”

  • Neelendra Jain Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    ”The core spirit of decisivenss
    comes from new experiences”

    27 years of experience has taught Mr. Neelendra one thing- the next day should never be the same as the one before, whether in terms of concepts, technology or profits. Driven by his passion to bring a change in the service industry, Neelendra Jain commenced the exciting journey with a dream of bringing forth innovative solutions. With an idea to deliver new experiences, his ultimate goal is to conceptualize out-of-the-box solutions to combat the current challenges of the service industry.

  • Neetu Jain Chief Financial Officer

    ”The core spirit of decisivenss
    comes from new experiences”

    Starting her professional journey as a teacher, Ms. Neetu Jain applied the same principles to help create an organisation that enriches people’s lives. Her current role as the CFO utilises her talent from her teaching days, a keen eye for details and razor-sharp focus. In many ways, she is still a teacher- she ensures forming deep connections in a person’s professional growth with personal growth, which has led to our team growing from strength to strength.

  • Joel Saldanha Group Vice President

    “Conseptualize and create a unique
    guest service experience for the F&B industry”

    A dynamic service-centric visionary, Mr. Joel Saldhana has gained more than 12+ years of invaluable experience in the F&B industry. His practical and proactive approach to achieving goals has guided us to conceptualize and create unique guest service experiences since our inception.

  • Ankit Jain CTO

    “A cognitive approach to
    technology and emotions”

    With 16+ years of IT experience in entrepreneurial & National Startup ecosystem under the Ministry of Electronics & IT, Mr. Ankit Jain has been the backbone of the organisation. His tenacity and technical expertise of all IT areas are complemented by the corporate and real ground experiences in major corporate organisations.