CNA 93.8 Interview – Neelandra’s love for Pasta & Madness

It's a fine day at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). And you're craving some delicious pasta. 

You see a chic-looking fast-food eatery and head in that direction. As you walk through the front door, your presence is immediately detected by a digital avatar that springs to life and offers you the menu - along with customized promos.

You select the pasta ingredients - and within 3 mins, you get served a fresh bowl of consistent, fresh, and mouth-watering baked pasta.

Sounds like a throwaway scene in a sci-fi movie?

Well, that just means you haven't walked into Zitimama at NTU, Singapore!

Zitimama is the first-ever Italian-American QSR concept in Singapore that has been pushing the dining and service experience since it launched earlier this year. Situated at NTU, it boldly goes where no F&B brand has gone before - to deliver a dish that very few have considered as fast food. Using NJ Foods' proprietary technology, Zitimama uses a cooking process that ensures blazing-fast while assembling the ingredients that constitute the perfect pasta.

So, what's the digital avatar all about?

Well, that's where things get interesting.

Zitimama has also deployed Colby - a fully integrated robotic waiter that doubles as an AI-powered sales representative, a marketing channel, a store locator, and a support agent. Basically, Colby is a one-stop customer loyalty game-changer!

Recently, CNA 93.8 interviewed Neelendra Jain - the founder of and the think-tank behind NJ Group - about the many exciting aspects of Zitimama.

He talks about how it all came together this Valentine's Day with love and a little bit of madness in the air.

You'll also find out:

  • How NJ Foods is going to help customers celebrate Singapore 57th birthday with a "blast from the past" 57$ offer
  • What inspired Neelendra's vision to start and grow the NJ Foods' brand 

Listen to the full interview.