MartechAsia interview –How NJ Group’s Eagle took flight

B2C brands don't often get a chance to give customers what they want. If they are lucky, they'll learn from their mistakes and get better at how they satisfy customers. Especially in a customer service-centric sector like F&B, this is easier said than done considering the difficulty of getting and acting on customer feedback.

Why is it so tough? In a nutshell, there has been no technology to ensure customers are being listened to properly.

Not until NJ Group's Eagle took flight!

Recently, MartechAsia conducted an exclusive interview with Neelandra Jain, founder of NJ Group, about the origin story of this AI-driven real-time customer feedback platform. It's a simple solution to many complex problems from tracking feedback in real-time to identify patterns that cannot be manually identified. During the interview, he also discussed, measurable ROI, like saved costs and efforts, as well as the priceless value of delivering memorable restaurant/hotel experiences.

Having implemented this state-of-the-art software in his own F&B brands, Neelandra said "Eagle has become our eye on customer satisfaction. Our business owners get deep insights like customer footfall ppatterns inventory planning, staff performance analysis, sales prediction, and menu pricing improvements."

Read the article to discover how Eagle can help deliver the wow effect for B2C customers.

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About Eagle

Eagle is a real-time feedback platform made in collaboration between technology experts and service industry experts. It is also designed to monitor your backend systems and recommends immediate action on required cases in real time!

All it takes is approximately 6 secs of your guest's time to gather the intelligence you need to transform your service quality and gain customer loyalty.