An interview with SME Horizon - Using AI to create genuine improvement

The impact of Artificial Technology (AI) in the F&B sector is a work in progress. Why? Because the potential of AI is yet to be maximized. One could even argue that we’ve barely scratched the surface! One reason is that F&B brands are unsure where to practically apply this technology. Even if they find the right problem area to fix, they cannot resolve critical issues like fake customer reviews.

Recently, Neelandra Jain, founder of NJ Group, had an interesting conversation with SME Horizon about how Eagle, an AI-powered customer feedback platform, can enhance any restaurant/hotel experience. It was implemented across their F&B establishments in Singapore to check whether it would be the solution that many brands have been looking for.

“Today, we have a real-time system that provides immediate insights into our customers’ thinking. What they liked, what they didn’t like and most of all – an opportunity to understand how we can serve our customers better,” said Neelandra.

Read the article to understand how Eagle can help deliver outstanding F&B experiences.

About SME Horizon

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About Eagle

Eagle is a real-time feedback platform made in collaboration between technology experts and service industry experts. It is also designed to monitor your backend systems and recommend immediate action on required cases – in real-time!

All it takes is approximately 6 secs of your guest’s time to gather the intelligence you need to transform your service quality and gain customer loyalty.