Driverless Robotic Waiter-Cobie, featured on leading Australian news

The F&B (Food and Beverages) business is facing a catch-22 situation. On the one corner, things are heating up in the race to profitability. Competitors are disrupting the market while customers are expecting more modernized experiences, making it hard to showcase differentiation without hiring high-quality service professionals. On the other corner, establishments like hotels, restaurants, and cafes are finding it brutally difficult to bring on board the right resources considering how expensive and unavailable they are.

There's only one way to get out of the situation and unlock new opportunities and that's through the adoption of bold, new technologies. So, when we introduced Singapore to Cobie, the driverless robotic waiter, the world immediately took notice as it was featured on Sky News, one of Australia's leading national news networks.

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Cobie is helping rethink how food is served to customers sat CALI in the Rochester Park Avenue Hotel (Singapore).

Now, a robotic waiter is exactly what it sounds like. It's an automated system that meets customers' needs without being hindered by acute labor shortages - as the case was and is in Singapore.

Cobie is a four-wheeled robot powered by advanced sensor-driven driverless technology and an inbuilt interface to call and interact with customers.

Ahead of the times in the service industry

Cobie was truly revolutionary because it could be used both for the customers inside CALI and for the hotel room guests. Basically, it goes inside the lift, finds the room, and delivers the food! Weighing about 10 kgs, Cobie can travel at 10 km per hour without any difficulty. Backed by sensor technologies, it can quickly understand the hotel's infrastructure and avoid any collision with humans or objects.

While Cobie is a state-of-the-art driverless robotic waiter, using it requires very simple steps. First, the room number must be typed out on the screen before loading the food into its compartments. Then, in just a few seconds, the information gets processed. And Cobie is off doing what it does best!

We ensured that Cobie provided a one-stop-service experience - from delivering fresh and warm food at the cafe and inside hotel rooms to dialing the customer's phone and informing them about the order.

Today, Cobie continues to make us proud by creating memorable experiences for our customers at our CALI So, if you're near the Rochester Park Avenue Hotel, drop in and experience the world's first talking robotic waiter. It started right here in Singapore, and now – It's all set to be the future of hospitality.