Eagle - a customer feedback & experience management platform

How businesses can soar with Eagle - a customer feedback & experience management platform

The goal of any business process is to accomplish more with less time and effort. The process is even more critical when it comes to customer engagement as it directly impacts the bottom line. The significance of understanding and meeting customer expectations is what makes a difference between using traditional customer surveys and automated solutions. For example, take the service industry, particularly restaurant service.

A restaurant is more than a great ambiance, world-renowned chef, and signature dishes. It is a business that strives to leave no customer unsatisfied, from when they make their reservation to when they leave the restaurant. More often than not, customers also tend to keep the entire experience in mind when giving their feedback. Of course, it is possible that the feedback is purely subjective and may reflect personal bias. Nevertheless, the feedback draws attention and can make or break business growth. So how do we ensure that customer feedback is comprehensive, and the response is data-driven? Unfortunately, there are a few challenges to handling customer feedback.

Poor data management is disastrous to feedback workflows

Several steps in the feedback workflow pose a challenge due to a lack of accuracy in data or its interpretation. It starts with receiving feedback from customers. Invariably, customers rush in with feedback and don't pay as much attention to detail as necessary. And, at the receiving end, there is insufficient data as to the actual time of dining, the date, etc.

The data inaccuracy or incompleteness leads to an inefficient tracking process of either the wait staff or the dish ordered by the customer or even the reservation date. However, one can only take action based on the received feedback, which may be incomplete at best and ambiguous at worst. Shoring up negative feedback with hasty marketing gimmicks such as freebies or food vouchers will not suffice, nor are they long-term solutions.

Moreover, the root cause of negative feedback will remain unresolved, as the management is merely being reactive and not proactive.

How to overcome customer feedback challenges

An appropriate response to feedback relies on thoroughness in gathering data. That means live monitoring and capturing data in real time. An AI-enabled solution like Eagle can:

1. Capture customer reactions in real-time

2. Gain comprehensive and critical data

3. Monitor by staff in real-time

4. Communicate with the customer in real-time

5. Resolve the issue immediately.

6. Document the problem and solution for the future.

Eagle: Let your new and improved feedback cycle take flight

As an ideal solution, the AI-enabled Eagle follows the golden circle of collecting data, live monitoring the process, and handling the issue, all in real time. It empowers you to resolve issues in a direct and straightforward manner while reducing repetition of the negative feedback.

More importantly, Eagle makes sure that the customer does not feel tasked while giving feedback. It provides real-time live tracking that monitors the customer's reaction and presents immediate resolution, wherever needed.

Eagle has powerful AI capabilities that make it seamless to identify service problems and discover patterns that formulate and execute a complete solution.

Furthermore, with automation becoming a larger force in improving business processes, staff satisfaction is key to ensuring profitable outcomes. With Eagle’s resolution-focused digital firepower, business owners can easily optimize key processes that boost staff morale.

Final thoughts

The shift to automation is a natural progression toward significant business growth. Moreover, it is essential to save time or effort and to engage meaningfully with customers in a way that leaves them satisfied and motivated to return. Going a step further, we can ensure that the customer comes back for more because the data analytics gives can insights into their potential behavior.

With Eagle, you have a real-time learning system with a digital dashboard that collects and analyzes data with a cognitive approach. Intelligent technologies and AI-enabled tools enhance service recovery in an industry that can only flourish on accurate and favourable customer feedback.