How the owner of a tiny food stall-turned-restaurant chain in Singapore went on to create a powerful ERP solution

12 January 2023

The Food Beverages industry is at a crossroads as many businesses world are facing a digital paradox. While digital transformation has helped them reinvent how they do business, it has caught them off-guard concerning how difficult it can be to cope with the transformation. Many were and still are unprepared for the "toolification" of back-end and front-end operations, which has caused a sudden influx of numerous in-house and third-party platforms to manage functions such as (but not limited to):

  • Online food delivery
  • Table reservation
  • Customer feedback collection
  • Gift voucher sale and redemption
  • Membership management
  • Inventory management

Challenges of using too many tools and platforms

Does your business need all of them? You're certainly not alone! Today, gathering data is as precious as establishing processes. Many of these systems ensure that both happen, which can be a game-changer - especially for small/mid-sized businesses.

Unfortunately, such systems are invariably disconnected from each other - and no planning is involved in how they are governed. According to Productiv's 'State of SaaS Sprawl' report, "the average company has 254 applications, but regular usage among employees remains low." It reports that "average app engagement was 45% - revealing that less than half of licensed employees are regularly using the apps available to them." Shockingly, more than 71% of employees claimed that the sheer number of tools makes work more complex.

Isn't that an extreme case of counter-productivity, considering that these tools are brought in to make their work easier?

Now, let's look at a few examples of how small businesses are continuing to struggle with multiple IT platforms.

  • 1. Unable to revoke multiple tool access after an employee leaves the company
  • 2. Manual provisioning of apps - losing too much time, money, and effort
  • 3. Accumulating shadow, IT expenses
  • 4. Poor governance and access control - causing compliance issues
  • 5. Dips in employee productivity and performance due to tool exhaustion

It also means that each system's data exists in siloes. So, they don't help improve overall decision-making. Such challenges have created chaos for numerous Food and Beverage businesses, as even the slightest inaccuracies and delays spell disaster in multiple ways.

Fast-growing ERP solution by INTELLIGENCE

It's why NJ INTELLIGENCE (NJI), a fast-growing technology solution enabler looking to solve real-world business issues, has created a one-of-a-kind ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. Right off the bat, our vision was to help F&B businesses overcome their biggest operational and service challenges affordably. We know that small and mid-sized companies often burn gigantic holes in their budget while introducing new ERP software. The worst part is that it doesn't even do what they want the most - to connect and streamline disparate workflows that are unique to the food industry.

However, NJI's soon-to-be-launched ERP solution will be priced at an extremely affordable rate. More importantly, it will do exactly what we promise - to cater to almost every need of your F&B business.

The answer is quite simple if you are wondering what makes us the right brand to build such a solution.

Why NJ Intelligence?

We have been in the same industry for over a decade - and we know all the challenges that could be keeping your business down. Over 14 years ago, Neelendra Jain - the founder of NJI - entered the F&B world by running a vegetarian Indian stall at the Singapore Management University (SMU). By 2017, his portfolio of businesses had grown to an impressive size - including a successful restaurant chain called Cali with multiple outlets across Singapore and several other stalls and restaurants.

As Neelendra also came from a rich and diverse IT background, he started NJI (NJ INTELLIGENCE), intending to help brands use technology innovation and tap into the power of data to improve their business.

So, we are confident that our effective ERP solution can be the lifeblood of your business as it creates process harmony - thereby overcoming the common challenges that companies tend to face while adopting and using ERP solutions. For ins, with easy-to-understand data visualization, you can receive all the reservations for table bookings from various platforms like Chope, Eatigo, Food Panda, etc., on a single platformation. So, you can manage all these reservations from one place at no extra cost - without having to log into multiple systems.

Wrapping up

Of course, this is just one feature of our platform-based solution. And we are excited because we have so much more to share about its never-seen-before features. As we said earlier, we firmly believe that NJI has nailed the solution to many of this industry's seemingly insurmountable problems. So, stay tuned!