Neelandra on CNA938 FM - F&B to use technology to fight menu fatigue

Recently, Singapore-based CNA had interviewed Neelendra Jain, the Founder and CEO of NJ Group, on the need for the F&B industry to use technology to fight menu fatigue and deliver great experiences. According to Neelendra, using tech is crucial to better understand the customers (across his five restaurants) and their likes/dislikes. He believes that collecting and interpreting data provides deeper insights into what will make customers return to the restaurant. That way, his restaurants can create new recipes, offer variations of each dish, etc. Neelendra feels strongly that this gives his restaurants the edge to stay competitive. As a result, NJ Group has fast-tracked its growth in recent years – with the current revenue of 7.5 million SGD and projected to reach 25 million SGD by 2025.