Neelandran on MoneyFM’s 89.3 – How to up your ‘customer reviews’ game

The world of customer reviews can be dark and deceitful. There’s even sabotage by competitors! And it can be a painful moment for B2C brands because all it takes is just one bad review to turn ten customers. Plus, reviews are a great source of business intelligence. But with all these fake reviews, it can be very misleading – sometimes causing brands to make wrong decisions.

Sounds familiar? And you’re in the F&B space, you already know how tough this can be. That’s why NJ Group conceptualized and developed Eagle – a real-time customer feedback platform with AI-powered monitoring and tracking capabilities.

Neelandra Jain, the founder of NJ Group, further elaborated on this during an exciting edition of MoneyFM’s 89.3 ‘Breakfast Huddle’. Speaking on their Mind Your Business segment, Neelandra opined that with Eagle, it takes less than six seconds of the customers’ time to collect their feedback in a seamless manner. This information is shared with the right person so that action can be taken immediately. Hence, the brand gets to know what went wrong – was it the food quality, the quantity, the pricing, or the service?

Eagle can be downloaded on iStore or Playstore.

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About Eagle

Eagle is a real-time feedback platform made in collaboration between technology experts and service industry experts. It is also designed to monitor your backend systems and recommend immediate action on required cases – in real-time!

All it takes is approximately 6 secs of your guest’s time to gather the intelligence you need to transform your service quality and gain customer loyalty.